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What's next for the office tea point? | In conversation with Mark Hickey Owner & Director of Ultimate Commercial Interiors

What's next for the office tea point? | In conversation with Mark Hickey Owner & Director of Ultimate Commercial Interiors

What's next for the office tea point? | In conversation with Mark Hickey Owner & Director of Ultimate Commercial Interiors.

From our perspective as a front-running instant boiling water brand, we wish to explore all the changes made in regard to the office tea point and hydration stations for staff and visitors alike. Why not have a sit-down with an office expert like Ultimate Commercial Interiors.

Office Fit Out providers such as Ultimate Commercial Interiors are most often a turn-key provider for everything within the 4 walls from ceilings, floors, furniture, partitions, lighting, fabrics, plants, all things electrical and all things mechanical. Curious to find out their perspective?

Let's have a chat with the experts: 

Mark Hickey – Owner & Director - Ultimate Commercial Interiors | Jen Davidson – Project Coordinator - Ultimate Commercial Interiors | Matt Buckmaster – Project Manager - Ultimate Commercial Interiors | Ellie Phillip – Furniture Account Manager - Ultimate Commercial Interiors | Jodie Green – Marketing & Bid Manager - Ultimate Commercial Interiors | Daniel Cartlidge - Ultimate Commercial Interiors | Nick Taylor – Hotspot Titanium


New needs
What Ultimate’s clients are asking for in regards to boiling and chilled water in the office environment

The café or kitchen has quickly become one of the most focused areas within the office workplace. Creating work cafés has been seen as one of the most heavily used areas in the office not only for making drinks or having lunch but also for holding meetings or for focused work away from the desk. 

With this in mind the kitchen specifications have improved significantly, and the boiling/chilled tap is now almost the first item requested by the users when creating the new space. End user clients are creating these new and improved areas for the benefits and retention of their own staff and there for design and function of these areas need to be carefully considered and also look good aesthetically.

The challenge
What Ultimate has noticed in the market in regard to hydration system suppliers

We have noticed there are quite a few new brands appearing in the domestic markets, not so much so in the commercial market. Probably because the market leaders have heritage, better warranty’s, longer product life cycles and have also heavily invested in product specifications for many years.

The solution
Let's meet the newest addition to our Hotspot family: NOVA

The Nova is an electronic 2-in-1 filtered boiling and chilled water tap, available in two different finishes. It can be placed in any kitchen or café area in the workplace. With the Nova, convenience comes first with an ergonomically designed boiling and chilled dispense interface.

The tap is also equipped with an insulated spout so that it stays nice and cool during use. In addition, the tap is equipped with a unique smooth flow technique, which ensures that chilled and boiling water show a calm flow


The choice
Why Ultimate and their clients (such as Driver Hire, Mott MacDonalds & Savills) have chosen Hotspot's NOVA 

When researching and reviewing the available products and manufacturers in the market place, its important as an interior contractor and consultant to fully understand the performance, cost and limitations of each product and that’s why we have used Hotspot Titanium on most of our latest and current installations.

The price
What Ultimate and their clients view is on budget regarding buy-price and running costs for a boiling water system

In my opinion, once the running cost myths have been dispelled I think the cost of ownership is satisfied. For example: one of my energy conscious clients, did carry out a test and survey and confirmed the cost per litre for boiling water is cheaper via a boiling tap than a kettle.  

The service
What is vital to Ultimate and their clients when it comes to after sales and service

As said previously, the kitchen/café is one of the most heavily used areas in todays workplace and there for an on hand sales/aftersales is a must for the contractor, the installer and the end user themselves. I am pleased to say that the comments from our installers has been nothing but complimentary regards the Hotspot Titanium team.

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