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Water filters

Water filters

Boiling  Water Filter Cartridge (Replacement)
Boiling Water Filter Cartridge (Replacement)
Cold  Water Filter Cartridge (Replacement)
Cold Water Filter Cartridge (Replacement)

Our water filters are the ideal solution for consistently high quality and great tasting water for all cold
and hot drinks – mostly in combination with lime scale and corrosion protection. Our filters have up
to 5 filtration levels - all in one filter cartridge – and 7 bypass levels. 


• Perfect taste thanks to our patented mineral-stabilization technology;
• Easy replacement without turning off the water supply (auto shut-off function);
• Bypass function with seven settings that uses our patented DuoBlend® technology;
• Integrated protection against microbial contamination;
• Very high output combined with maximum improvement of both taste and smell;
• Certified for contact with food.

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