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About Hotspot Titanium

100 years of Dutch heritage

Hotspot Titanium as an independent company was born out of a Dutch innovation hub: Inventum.

Founded in 1908 by Alexander Vosmaer, Inventum used the specifics of electric energy to create a range of innovative ventilation and boiling water appliances.

Energy Innovation First: safe and trusted.
This promise has remained for more than 100 years. A promise that started with innovation and enthusiasm of people to do things differently and better and has evolved into producing new products and creating new brands such as Hotspot Titanium.

Thanks to Inventum’s rich history, innovation and expertise in delivering sustainable, energy- saving hot water and ventilation solutions to the environment, Hotspot Titanium was spun off as a sustainable and lean manufacturing company that guarantees quality from start to finish with its filtered boiling water solutions.

At Hotspot Titanium, we believe the kitchen is a central point of the home and workplace.
A place to connect and collaborate, to have exciting conversations and share experiences. A place where you eat and drink together. Where you create ideas and make memories.

We know that our customers want tapware that reflects their personal style. That’s why we have exclusive design taps in our product range of various styles and finishes to suit any taste.

We also know that they want a filtered boiling water solution that stands the test of time and isn’t impactful on the environment!

Our 3-in-1 filtered boiling water tap switches easily between cold, hot and boiling water. Combined with our 4-liter or 8-liter water titanium boiler, Hotspot can support family homes and commercial spaces alike.

We chose to use titanium for our boiling water tank because it’s durable, extremely resistant
to corrosion and, unlike other inferior materials, has no build-up of calcium lime scale in the tank. What’s more, titanium never passes its ions onto the drinking water which makes it 100% non- allergic and guarantees a pure taste. As a proof of our trust, we offer you a 20-year warranty on our tanks!

When choosing a filtered boiling water appliance for your residential or professional space, it is paramount to ensure the product of your choice delivers the best results and the purest filtered drinking water; as well as a luxurious design that matches your taste and your kitchen interior. With Hotspot Titanium, you get it all.

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