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If you have a problem with your Hotspot Titanium system, in the first instance, please fill out our Repair and service form Repair & Service form and our technical team will give you a call to discuss.  Having all the information from the form ensures a prompt and efficient service.  If you have a technical question please call the number below.

About Hotspot Titanium

Will the heater fit in my Kitchen cabinet?
How much energy does the Hotspot Titanium use? What are the costs?
What is the advantage as compared with an electric kettle?
What is the difference between the 4 and 8-litre heater?
What are the technical specifications for the Hotspot Titanium water heaters?
How much (£) are replacement filters and what’s the point in swapping them?
Is it safe? What about potential scolding?
Is it child and fool-proof? Can my children open the tap
I bet it’s not really 100°C, my kettle will deliver hotter.
How much does the Hotspot Titanium cost?
Where can I see a live display of Hotspot Titanium water appliance?
Can I retrofit a Hotspot Titanium?

About our warranty

How long does the warranty last?
How do I submit a warranty claim?

About maintenance

Does my water heater use energy when it is switched off?
How do I take care of my tap?
Can I connect my own boiling water tap to the Hotspot Titanium water heater?
How do I turn my water heater on/off?
Is boiling water really coming out of the tap? I don’t see any steam.

About our webshop

Where can I buy the Hotspot Titanium?
What's included in a standard boiling water appliance set?
How do I order a filter cartridge?
What are the shipping costs?
What are the accepted payment methods?
Do you accept payment after receiving the products?
I did not receive an order confirmation, did you received my order?
How is the Hotspot Titanium installed?
What happens after placing an order?
When can I plan an installation?
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