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A 4 litre heater is suitable for an average household. The 8 litre heater provides twice as much boiling water. The titanium boiler with 8 litre capacity delivers a maximum of 27 litres of boiling water per hour, which is comparable to 140 cups of tea. Ideal for large families or company canteens.By adding the Mixing valve accessory, the heater can also supply hot water. Does it take longer than 10 seconds for hot water to come out of your tap? Then it is worth considering a Mixing valve to save money on water and heating time.

Boiling Water Filter Cartridge (Replacement)

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Product information

Hotspot Titanium Water Filter (new)

This Hotspot Titanium boiling water filter is a replacement product for an existing system.

The Hotspot Titanium Boiling water filter At Hotspot Titanium we are forever looking to improve on our offering into the home and workplace markets, With quality taste being a high priory. We have chosen to upgrade our boiling water filter to a manufacturer as of the beginning of 2021. The new water filter does not only protect the system from limescale build up, but greatly improves on the taste of the boiling water delivered and enhances the flavour of any hot beverage being poured.

Our filters stabilize healthy minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. By converting minerals into a modified form, this patent-protected technology prevents scale buildup and keeps your water healthy and tasty

In our bid to reduce plastics within our systems we have also made it our goal to reduce the amount used within our filter sets. This also gives the added benefit of a smaller more compact filter which is easier to position in the cupboard either vertically or horizontally.

We are very confident that we can now offer our customers the best tasting boiling water in the market today.

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Gavin Mitchell

Excellent customer service and delivery

Sarah B

"We ordered the new water filter…
We ordered the new water filter replacement for our hot tap and consequently had to remove the old attachment and set up the new one . We were a little concerned about the logistics so dang the company who could not have been more helpful . They emailed instructions and then helped to talk it through with us on the phone as we progressed. Result is a perfectly attached new filter ! A fantastic company !"

Lauralouise Young

"Excellent Engineer
Cameron came to our site to fit new filters. Having never attended before and coming to a site and arriving to a ""not so simple job"" due to there being issue with stop valves he got on with the job like a pro and had no issues tracing back pipes to find the shut off values and change over the necessary filters. He was very efficient, communicative and friendly and got the job done. Thank you Cameron for your great work."


"Quick and very good service
I had to phone the company and the assistant explained that my fitting for the filter carton had changed and that was why i couldn’t find my usual one on line. The new one and a complimentary fitting arrived in 2 days. Two very helpful assistants."

Mr. Paul Ferbrache

"Quick and efficient service
Swift service in sending a replacement filter for my hot water tap. Easy to replace."

R Arbon

We ordered a new filter which HotSpot advised us we could have an upgraded version which we accepted after a conversation with their engineer. The filter arrived the next day and we fitted it without any problems. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. The company was very professional to deal with easy to communicate with by phone. Excellent service.

T Davis

quick and easy ordering and delivery
Installation takes a couple of minutes and easy to do


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