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Colourful and delicious "sleeping time" tea by Judy Joo

Colourful and delicious "sleeping time" tea by Judy Joo

Since having my HotSpot installed, I am truly addicted to teas and infusions! I have always struggled to drink enough water on a daily basis, and now I am drinking all kinds of antioxidant elixirs on a regular basis! And, it is so super easy with an instant boiling water tap, even if I have just odd bits of fruit, I will throw them in a pot and pour hot boiling water over it to make fragrant warming drinks.  

The best thing about the HotSpot faucet though, is that you can simple make just one cup at a time!  So, there is no excuse not to have that warm cup of healing tea. In this series I'm going to show you how I prepare my favourite teas. Next up: my herbal infusion!

Fresh mint, Lemon and Lavender

I love herbal infusions and this one is gorgeously fragrant with a hint of soothing lavender. Perfect for sleeping time!  

What you need:

  • a few fresh sprigs of mint
  • a wedge of lemon
  • lavender buds (organic kitchen grade) in a pot

How to make the perfect sleeping time tea
Just place the sprigs of mint, wedge of lemon, and lavender buds in a pot, cover with hot boiling water, and allow to steep for 5 minutes. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for more recipe ideas and inspiration in regards as to how HotSpot Titanium’s 3-in-1 tap can be your trusty sidekick. Take advantage of our special Judy Joo offer right NOW!

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