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Get £250 off your premium instant boiling water tap

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  • 100°C boiling water always available

    With a Hotspot Titanium, the boiling water is available instantly. And that brings a bit of calm to a home. On days when you try out the latest recipes from Judy Joo, but particularly on days which are busy with work, school, sport and clubs. Because honestly, there isn’t a day in your life when you haven’t got something better to do than waiting for water to boil.

  • 30 days money back guarantee

    30 days is our offer to you. Time we think to have savoured the benefits of filtered boiling water in an instant from this fabulously robust system. We collect the used item within 30 days if for whatever reason the HotSpot Titanium selected is simply not right for you.

  • Great service

    As easy as 1, 2, 3…! Choose your 1. Tap Style, your 2. Tap Colour and 3. Heater size. Need our help? We are just one call away and ready to consult with you over ease of install, safety features, smooth flow and great tasting hot drinks!

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Picked by Judy Joo

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Say goodbye to endless waiting on your kettle and say hello to instant 100°C boiling water on tap

Not only do you save a whole lot of space and eliminate the cutting/drilling of cabinet and/or worktops with the HotSpot Titanium compared to alternative wall / counter-top / under-bench dispensers, but our existing users tell us it also looks better from every angle.

We all care about the environment and with the Hotspot Titanium our promise is that you will save time and energy whilst providing just the amount of water you need when you need it.

Best child safety system

Safety first. All HotSpot Titanium taps are safe to use. Choose between our patented Intelliprotect® or Springback- safety system. Instant boiling water on demand could not be safer!

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"Quick and efficient service Swift service in sending a replacement filter for my hot water tap. Easy to replace."

Mr. Paul Ferbrache

Excellent customer service and delivery

Gavin Mitchell

"Fantastic product Excellent and beautiful product. Couldn’t be happier."


"Nick Taylor Hotspot Titanium Nick has been really helpful and is to be recommended"

Lesley Mills

"Excellent product Excellent product, very happy with it."


"Great Product Great Product, Great price, Great service. Thanks for the support Nathan."

Toby Swain

"Brilliant service from start to finish Brilliant service from start to finish. Product is better than expected simple installation ,and one query I did have was resolved with a quick call ."

Simon Coombs

"Lovely tap, lovely people. Lovely tap, and despite my stupidity in operating it these guys always come through quickly and with good humour."


"quick and easy ordering and delivery quick and easy ordering and delivery Installation takes a couple of minutes and easy to do"

T Davis

"Fantastic products and great service… Fantastic products and great service from Nick. Highly recommend Hotspot Titanium."

Adam Firth

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Our Limited boiling water tap offer

  • Instant true 100°C boiling water on tap
  • Best child safety system on the market
  • Smoothest of flows - no spluttering
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Get £250 off your premium instant boiling water tap

Hurry up! Only 4 left.

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