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A 4 litre heater is suitable for an average household. The 8 litre heater provides twice as much boiling water. The titanium boiler with 8 litre capacity delivers a maximum of 27 litres of boiling water per hour, which is comparable to 140 cups of tea. Ideal for large families or company canteens.By adding the Mixing valve accessory, the heater can also supply hot water. Does it take longer than 10 seconds for hot water to come out of your tap? Then it is worth considering a Mixing valve to save money on water and heating time.

Flex XL Copper Tap

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Hotspot Titanium | Instant Hot Water Taps are used by men and women throughout the UK. Our 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water Tap increases the effectiveness of your cooking time enormously. Quickly make a cuppa or a larger pot for your family. It’s done within seconds. So you don't have to wait for the kettle to boil any longer. Our 3-in-1 Instant Boiling Water tap is designed to replace your existing main kitchen tap, so in addition to steaming hot water it still provides your everyday regular hot and cold water.


Instant Boiling Water Taps are often used as an alternative for a kettle or an instant hot water dispenser. Working with boiling water devices needs to be safe. That is why our instant boiling water taps comes with our springback safety system combined with our smooth flow technique. So there won’t be any spluttering and it’s safe even with the little ones running around.


This set contains 3 premium quality items. Our water heater tank is made out of Titanium. Titanium is both highly resistant to corrosion, relatively non-magnetic and bio-compatible. Together with our topnotch swiss made water filter it’s the purest filtered drinking water you can get. The Flexible hose with Copper finish tap is contemporary Italian design and created with the most care. They have a 180° axle. The Instant Boiling Water Taps are made of premium, eco-friendly material and have a great feel. They are built to last!


Hotspot Titanium stands by it’s products for 100%. If you have any questions about our products please ask in the “Service” section. Hotspot Titanium has a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE and offers our highly valued customers a Hassle Free Money Back policy and 5 years product guarantee. For more information please read the product warranty description page.

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Article number 4L: B618203
Article number 8L: B618201
Dimension heater 4L (w x h x d): 210 x 325 x 285 mm
Dimension heater 8L (w x h x d): 210 x 525 x 385 mm
Dimension tap (w x h x d): 180 x 610 x 244 mm
Warranty: 165 x 378 x 220 mm
Boiling water: Yes


Graham Ingle

Great product and service
Having looked at the market for hot water taps I found a distinct lack of choice for a copper hot water tap with a pull down hose. HotSpot Titanium however has nailed this. The service is second to none, having enquired about the product, it’s lead time and the fitting, all my questions were answered immediately online and on email with a great point of contact For me being Nick Taylor. Once ordered I was not disappointed neither with the impeccable service or the quality of the product. Also the after sales I find very important too and HotSpot Titanium gave me the complete package. I highly recommend this company and the products they sell, and I thank them very much!

Emma Smith

Great Product, Great Customer Service
Over the moon with the tap we've got and now wonder how we ever lived without one! We had looked at other brands but went with HotSpot Titanium as we wanted a copper tap and we're so glad we did. The customer service we've had from Nick has been second to none and I would not hesitate in recommending them (and already have done).

Joe Perree

Great product, fast delivery and amazing customer service! What more could you ask for?
We've had our tap for around 6 months now and absolutely love it!


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