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A 4 litre heater is suitable for an average household. The 8 litre heater provides twice as much boiling water. The titanium boiler with 8 litre capacity delivers a maximum of 27 litres of boiling water per hour, which is comparable to 140 cups of tea. Ideal for large families or company canteens.By adding the Mixing valve accessory, the heater can also supply hot water. Does it take longer than 10 seconds for hot water to come out of your tap? Then it is worth considering a Mixing valve to save money on water and heating time.

Cold Water Filter Cartridge (Replacement)

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Product information

Hotspot Titanium - Cold Water Filter Cartridge (Replacement)

Our new cold-water filter improves taste and odour as well as reducing both Chlorine and dissolved organics, such as pesticides.

The cold water filter set can not only be installed into our Hotspot Boiling system but can also be fitted onto a standard kitchen mixer giving it the ability to deliver fresh filtered cold water.

In our bid to reduce plastics within our systems we have also made it our goal to reduce the amount used within our filter sets. This also gives the added benefit of a smaller more compact filter which is easier to position in the cupboard either vertically or horizontally.

We are very confident that we can now offer our customers the best tasting water in the market today.

Why the new cold water filter?

• Proven and tested: improvement of taste of the water and beverages.
• Takes up less space in the kitchen cupboard.
• Reduced plastic used in manufacturing process.
• Can be installed both horizontally or vertically
• Better reduction of bad odours from the mains water
• Better reduction of dissolved organics from the mains water
• More effective lime scale reduction from the mains water
• Better bacteria growth inhibition
• Physically smaller
• Easy to replace without isolating water supply
• Less plastic waste
• Matching cold water filter
• Replacement cartridges easily available from the Hotspot Titanium webshop for delivery direct to door.
• Filter subscription available for peace of mind.

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(A) Height incl filterhead: 295mm
(C) Width: 100mm
(B) Height excl. filterhead: 245mm


David Bunn

Well going on from purchasing a Hotspot tap, I have now had a Cold water filter fitted to my tap in the kitchen.
I was skeptical that it would actually make a difference but I am happy to admit I was wrong.
On pouring a glass of water from my unfiltered tap it appeared to be slightly cloudy, then after fitting of the filter no cloudy water just crystal clear water in the glass.
I was easy to fit took just 20 mins.
When fitting the filter plan where you want the filter to go as you may need an extension flexible hose as I did, Hotspot can also supply this as well.

Hotspot were quick and efficient at dispatching the product and supplied the extension hose within 2 days of asking.

A brilliant product and both my filters will only need changing once a year as there are only 2 people living here.

The benefits of a installed cold water filter are:
1. Crystal clear water
2. No more filter jugs in the fridge
3. No more buying filters for fridge jugs
4. Filtered water to cook vegetables in
5. Filtered water to wash salad ready for the table
6. NO MORE BUYING Bottled water just fill your or any container on the day ready for a car journey or if your a runner what's better than filtered water on your run
7. when going to the gym take your own freshly filtered water, no more using the cooler at the gym
8. If you do not have a hotspot tap (mad not too in my opinion) when you fill the kettle for a cuppa you should have reduced limescale due to using filtered water."

H. Amass

As a Long term owner now of the Hotspot Titanium I really wouldn't be without it. The new water filter is a great improvement on taste and i can certainly assure anyone of the improved taste over making it from a kettle.


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