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A 4 litre heater is suitable for an average household. The 8 litre heater provides twice as much boiling water. The titanium boiler with 8 litre capacity delivers a maximum of 27 litres of boiling water per hour, which is comparable to 140 cups of tea. Ideal for large families or company canteens.By adding the Mixing valve accessory, the heater can also supply hot water. Does it take longer than 10 seconds for hot water to come out of your tap? Then it is worth considering a Mixing valve to save money on water and heating time.

Ciro Matt Black 3-in-1

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+ Safety above all -
All our taps feature a press and turn safety system for using the boiling water function. With our boiling water tap, you will enjoy the convenience of instant boiling water without compromising on safety.
+ The best guarantee -
We believe in the quality of our products and therefore offer a 5-year guarantee on our systems after free registration* on our website. This guarantee gives you peace of mind that you can enjoy your boiling water tap for years to come.
+Smooth Flow Technology -
With our unique Smooth Flow Technology, tapping boiling water becomes a pleasant experience. This technology allows boiling water to flow smoothly and gently from the spout without splashing, so you can reach boiling water with peace of mind.
+Titanium water tank -
Our boilers stand out because of their titanium water tank, titanium is known for its excellent corrosion resistance and durability. The material is many times stronger than other Inferior materials, making it highly resistant to pressure and wear and tear, making it the safest solution.
+Your personal touch - While choosing your new tap, it is not only about functionality, but also about style. That's why we offer a wide range of models and colours, so you can always find the perfect match for your kitchen. Whether you like a modern look with a chrome finish, the timeless elegance of stainless steel, or the trendy look of matt black, we have it all.In addition, you can choose between a round, straight spout or an angled spout, depending on your personal preference. Discover the full range online and give your kitchen a personal touch with Hotspot Titanium's boiling water taps.

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Height of tap: 380 mm
Height spout tap: 235 mm
Spout extension: 220 mm
Tap hole diameter: 35 Ø
Dimensions 4L boiler (l x w x h): 210 x 325 x 285 mm
Dimensions 8L boiler (l x w x h): 210 x 525 x 285 mm
Warranty period: *5 years (after online product registration)

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