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HotSpot Titanium’s Pure Boiling Water

HotSpot Titanium’s Pure Boiling Water

Filtered Water

You use water daily - without thought upon what the water that flows out of your tap actually consists of. Our family’s health is paramount; we buy food and medicine to maintain health, we may regularly visit the doctor or seek forms of holistic medical treatment. Drinking pure water is an underrated, additional necessity to ensuring you are optimising your everyday health. HotSpot Titanium’s 3-in-1 filtered boiling water tap is the simple solution to this optimisation.


Water Filter Benefits

You don’t have to be Einstein to consider, if a filter isn’t filtering your water, your body will become the filter. So where do those nasties go? Simple answer, nowhere - they stay put inside your body. Your body then has to detoxify itself of these unwelcome, foreign materials. This process can be outsourced easily, let’s instead leave the detoxifying and filtering up to the specialised water appliance. HotSpot Titanium’s boiling water appliance allows your body to prioritise more essential functions, instead of constantly having to remove potentially harmful and excessive foreign bodies.

Getting rid of limescale and other impurities

What actually makes water pure? Thames water reports that over 60% of individuals in the UK live in hard water areas. This can leave water tasting unpleasant and bitter; not to mention the unwelcome visitor that is the clumpy, slimy limescale inviting itself into your morning cup of coffee. Limescale is unhygienic; it increases the chances of bacteria being present in your water. The pesky calcium carbonate loves sticking to multiple surfaces and is a stubborn material to try and eradicate – but not with Titanium surfaces. Fact: Titanium repels calcium limescale!

HotSpot Titanium’s heating vessel and heating element is made out of pure titanium, which does not corrode like other commonly used hot water tank materials. It’s super robust composition means your tank will support your family for years to come. The team at HotSpot Titanium trust it so much, they even offer a 20-year warranty on the tank!

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