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Ethical and Environmental Transparency, Now That’s Lush UK

Ethical and Environmental Transparency, Now That’s Lush UK

If you’re wanting a true aromatic experience for all the senses, a mix of exquisite luxury blended with a touch of mystical childhood excitement then dive right into your local Lush UK store. The surface is sweet, but it's the deeper structure of the business, their core values, both ethical and environmental transparency, that deserve a real round of applause. Aligned with our values here at HotSpot Titanium, we are both guided by our ethical and environmental conscious compasses.   

When looking for a solution for their stores, Lush UK trialed our 3-in-1 hot water tap at their Poole UK headquarters. Employees were able to experience the ease and efficiency of our instant hot water right at their fingertips. So how did they decipher whether our product was their water tap solution? After a 6 month trial Lush UK confirmed HotSpot Titanium was the way to go, but what were their requirements in order to meet their standards? 

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Instant Boiling Water Tap: The Ethical Solution

Lush needed an instant boiling water tap that met their environmental and ethical standards. Not only did we pass their non animal testing policiy (NAT), we also passed their ethical minded brand policy, which embodies the ethical protection of humans, in equality to that of animals. Our waste reducing processes such as using flat packs when transporting our Titanium from Japan, (as opposed to shipping a fully finished product), as well as our up cycling solution for used water filters, means a huge reduction in overall waste to landfill. Lush concluded that we had met their requirements as a supplier. Additional to this our lower servicing costs, in comparison to competitors, meant an ongoing relationship could now commence.

So what design from our state of the art range did Lush UK go with? It can be challenging when it comes to choosing the right design, the perfect piece to embellish your workplace, store or home. For Lush’s contemporary, exuberant brand, the subtle statement piece of the Adrianna matt black, is their perfect fit. The tap’s modern angles and textured Matt finish compliment their vivacious and fun colour palette. 

Pro Tip 1: When finding a supplier for appliances, or any product in general, look deeper than the surface. It’s great if something is attractive aesthetically, but is the product, and the company, you are buying from environmentally and/or ethically conscious? Do they refuse to test on animals like Lush UK? A few extra minutes of deeper research, comparing options, can make an impact on the greater good of all living beings on our earth. 

Lush’s transparency and proactive approach sets a standard for all companies to follow. At Lush UK all customers and suppliers have access to their Ethical Consumer Assurance Statement 2020. It highlights that since the companies establishment in 1995, they have had, and continue to have, zero tolerance for animal testing, in fact they are actively fighting against it. With the addition of regular auditing, their whole supply chain is addressed to ensure all companies meet requirements. It is great that our tap met their ethical and environmental requirements, but was our design suitable?

Black Boiling Water Tap 

Gone are the days of a silver or chrome like tap as the singular colour choice for any water faucet. Depending on modern and ever evolving design trends, it can be preferential to add subtle, complimentary pieces. A black boiling water tap, has an edgy but subtle finish. The non reflective surface of a Matt black can allow a nice contrast to bold products, wall colours, appliances or even artwork. 

  • Pro Tip 2: Lush UK chose a colour that suited their aesthetic feel, embodying what they wanted for their customer experience. What experience do you want when using your best instant hot water tap solution? It can be helpful to use a sample item the same colour and texture as your tap and hold it in the space where you desire, it may sound obvious but it can be the perfect way to see what suits!  

  • Pro Tip 3: Getting a sturdy, reusable drink bottle is a simple, yet effective way to reduce your plastic bottle use. But think beyond the water you drink, what about the plastic bottles from your shampoo and conditioner? Lush products such as ‘honey i washed my hairshampoo bar, are a great environmentally conscious choice, meaning you can say cheerio to a few extra bottles for good! 

  • Pro Tip 4: Plastic is sneaky and can often be used in places we aren’t aware of. WWF points out that the humble cup of tea is an easy culprit. Many tea bags are sealed with plastic. When buying look out for tea bags that declare they are ‘plastic free’ or alternatively purchase loose leaf tea and infuse using a tea strainer. 

Matt black tap

It's great to have a reduction of plastic in general, but storage of these naked products still needs to be considered. If you visit Lush UK online or pop into your local store you can see the collection of different reusable storage options, great for travel or someone always on the go, or just general tidiness! 

When visiting a store, you will be in awe of the multiple handmade products on offer. It is rare in this day and age to purchase handmade goods, but whether its for a bubbly bath, a steaming shower, to lather the body, or shine up your hair, Lush has the solution for all. Their products make the perfect self care gift for you, or someone dear. When in store, the team can show you some of their incredible products in action with our 3-in 1 hot water tap. 

If you are wanting to see one of our displays in action, you can easily find your closest live display on our website, our pinpoints are always updated to show current locations. These locations are scattered throughout the entire United Kingdom, so you can test out the right model for your needs.  

A trailblazing standard has been set by lush cosmetics, personal consumers and companies should consciously take the time to visit Lush UK and read first hand how their whole business, including their products, reflects their values. Lush don’t just talk the talk, they walk it, they are one hundred percent vegetarian, ethical buying, are fight animal testing, use naked packaging and have all handmade product. 

What can you learn from Lush UK and adapt into your personal or business life?

For Sustainable and Ethical Cosmetic Solutions Visit Lush UK

How can we raise our ethical consciousness for greater, overall impact? 

There are many small daily choices we can make in order to raise our consciousness about our ethical and environmental impact on each other and our world.  Lush UK are leading the way when it comes to both personal and commercial choices. Through awareness and education we can spread this knowledge, be transparent with ourselves about what we are using and who and/or what is impacted. We at HotSpot Titanium will continue on our journey of conscious awareness, both ethically and environmentally, we thank Lush UK for the example that they are and everything that they do.  

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