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Intelliprotect - Avoiding Burns in the Kitchen

Intelliprotect - Avoiding Burns in the Kitchen

At HotSpot Titanium we are at the forefront of bespoke design, convenience and accessibility. However important these aspects are, we push them aside when the topic of your safety is brought to the benchtop surface. Smart prevention, and thus protection, for both yours and any other little helping hands is essential. We developed IntelliProtect® using state of the art, smart technology, helping to reduce the chance of human error resulting in scolding consequences.

IntelliProtect® Boiling Water Tap Safety 

Despite growing massively in popularity, there are still some misconceptions surrounding instant boiling water taps with questions about safety being amongst the most frequently asked. With boiling hot water available at the push of a button, this is perhaps no surprise.

We asked Nick Taylor, UK Managing Director at HotSpot Titanium UK Ltd for his comments on this popular subject as follows…

Whilst most hot/boiling water taps come with a variety of safety features there are 2 particular features when comparing to a traditional kettle that are common to all (1) the fixed nature ensures the appliance is not knockable-over and (2) has no trailing electricity cable that might be inadvertently grabbed/caught. I see these points as a priority for any potential new user if they have safety as a concern!

In addition to benefitting from the 2 points above, both the Alessio and Adrianna 3-in-1 Boiling Water systems from HotSpot Titanium each have a unique IntelliProtect® safety system that offers the user three safety choices.

Personalised IntelliProtect® safety features

Our 3 IntelliProtect® levels are easily adjustable via a selection button on the front of the tank, with LED lights clearly indicating which function has been activated. We’ve also developed a clever pan-filling safety feature that’s included for safe environments where it is safe to activate a hands-free constant dispense.

When designing our 3-in-1 hot water appliance we considered everything we could realistically do, from a safety functionality perspective, to provide a protective bubble wrap layer, and enhance your family's safety with boiling water in the kitchen. We looked at the technical functionality, realised it needed to be ergonomically friendly, simplistic but reliable. In this way our intention was, and still is, to highly reduce the likelihood of an accident occurring based on the device itself, helping to consequently also reduce the likelihood of an accident unfolding due to human error. In our previous blog on child safety, we mentioned the development of our state of the art, bespoke IntelliProtect® safety system. Taking one step further, we wanted to explain, step by step, the practical ‘how to’ steps of using your kettle replacement. With an in-depth understanding, you will swiftly master IntelliProtect®, at your convenience your safety level can be easily altered based on your individual requirements for the present point in time. 

Adjusting IntelliProtect® On Your Three In One Boiling Water Tap 

Our 3-in-1 taps are all well insulated to ensure that tap spout remains cool to the touch. Furthermore, the HotSpot Titanium system is specifically designed to dispense with a smooth flow even at 100DegreesC.

IntelliProtect® has two separate, visual indicators to form its secure safety system. Firstly, the press button and its LED light function on the tap itself and secondly the adjustable safety level on the robust, physical heater tank. On the physical smooth flow, kitchen tap, the LED light appears, giving feedback to the user. When pressure is applied to the button the LED light will light up. The Hotspot Titanium boiling water device has three, separate, IntelliProtect® safety levels. Please note, after the initial purchase of your tap, the factory default setting is set to IntelliProtect® level 2 (without the pan-filling functionality activated.) When using the tap for the first time: Press the button for half a second, release for half a second, and then press and hold, the filtered, boiling water will flow, release when desired.

Separated from the standard hot and cold-water, the boiling water is dispensed from the HotSpot Titanium tap by using a button on one side. Meanwhile the hot and cold-water functions are controlled using a mixer tap – minimising where possible any confusion between the 2.

Adapting Intelliprotect® Safety Function to Your Needs 

The settings for the IntelliProtect® safety system can be adjusted and set on the heater unit of your boiling hot water tap. This can prevent you or your children from accidentally activating the filtered boiling water on the tap. On observation of the heater tank you will see the IntelliProtect® control button. By pressing this button you can then scroll through the three different IntelliProtect® levels as well as the pan filling function. As you scroll through the levels, the level in which the LED light resides on is the one that is currently activated. So what do each of the three levels represent? 

Level 1 – Quick and easy operation, this is suitable for an adult household where safety concerns are minimal. 

Level 2 – Safe and user-friendly, the default level of HotSpot Titanium, ensuring safer user accessibility. 

Level 3 – Maximum safety, suitable for the family household. 

Pan filling – Convenient if you regularly require larger amounts of boiling water.

After adjusting the settings on the heater tank, how do you correctly activate this safety level on your kitchen tap?.

For IntelliProtect® levels: 

Level 1 Press and hold, boiling water will flow freely. 

Level 2 Press (0.5 sec), release (0.5 sec) and press and hold. 

Level 3 Press (0.5 sec), release (0.5 sec). press (0.5 sec), release (0.5 sec) and press and hold.

To use the Pan-filling function, (when switched on): use the level instructions as described above and hold for 10 seconds, press once again to stop.

For those little toddler fingers (or even the sleepy adult), you can easily increase the safety level so that the button has to be pressed multiple times in order to get boiling water flowing. If, for example, you are an all adult household, and the safety level is less of a concern, you can adjust the safety control so you only ever have to push the LED button once for your boiling filtered water. 

We pride ourselves on our unique – and patented – safety design, which ensures our instant hot water system is trusted by families across the globe.

With such features, are we correct to claim that this is the safest instant boiling water appliance on the market? For more information on IntelliProtect® safety system you can visit our website. If you are yet to choose your HotSpot Titanium 3-in-1 Hot Water Tap, you can view our range of products, including our unique styles and texture range on our HotSpot Titanium online shop. 


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