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Instant Boiling and Chilled Water Tap Buying Guide

Instant Boiling and Chilled Water Tap Buying Guide

The kitchen is the heart of the home and office, where the meals and drinks that unite us are prepared. It is a place that allows connection and thus the creation of precious memories. But how do you choose the right colour or finish to embrace this experience? And how much does a boiling and chilled tap cost? In this blog we'll tell you everything you'll need to know. What Hotspot Titanium fits your needs best? The choice is up to you! 

What's your type of tap?

We know that our customers want tapware that reflects their personal style. That’s why we have exclusive design taps in our product range of various styles and finishes to suit any taste. We also know that they want a filtered boiling and chilled water solution that stands the test of time and isn’t impactful on the environment! When choosing a filtered boiling and chilled water appliance for your residential or professional space, it is paramount to ensure the product of your choice delivers the best results and the purest filtered drinking water; as well as a luxurious design that matches your taste and your kitchen interior. With Hotspot Titanium, you get it all. View our full product range here or simply keep on reading.

Adrianna & Alessio: our electronic 3-in-1 taps with patented IntelliProtect® safety system

Our electronic 3-in-1 filtered boiling water taps switches easily between cold, hot and boiling water. Combined with our 4-litre or 8-litre water titanium heater, Hotspot can support family homes and commercial spaces alike. We chose to use titanium for our boiling water tank because it’s durable, extremely resistant to corrosion and, unlike other inferior materials, has no build-up of calcium lime scale in the tank. What’s more, titanium never passes its ions onto the drinking water which makes it 100% non-allergic and guarantees a pure taste. As a proof of our trust, we offer you a 20-year warranty on our tanks!  

With the Adrianna and Alessio, safety comes first with a unique and patented safety system: IntelliProtect®, with which children cannot simply activate the boiling water function. The tap is also equipped with an insulated spout so that it stays nice and cool during use. In addition, the tap is equipped with a unique smooth flow technique, which ensures that boiling water never comes out of the tap already spluttering.

Vitoria & Calisto: our mechanical 3-in-1 taps with springback safety system

Our mechanical Vitoria and Calisto 3-in-1 filtered boiling water taps has a high U-shaped or C-shaped spout and a sleek Italian design. This beautiful series can be supplied with a 4- or 8-litre boiling water heater. Regular hot and cold water is connected to the existing pipes. Because the boiler is very compact, it can be placed in almost any kitchen. 

Instant Boiling Water Taps are often used as an alternative for a kettle or an instant hot water dispenser. Working with boiling water devices needs to be safe. That is why our Vitoria and Calisto boiling water taps comes with our springback safety system combined with our smooth flow technique. So there won’t be any spluttering and it’s safe even with the little ones running around.

The most flexible instant boiling water tap: our fabulous Flex XL

The Flex XL is a mechanical 3-in-1 filtered boiling water tap and has a high flexible C-shaped spout and a sleek Italian design. This beautiful series can be supplied with a 4- or 8-litre boiling water heater. 

In addition to fabulous filtered boiling water that is ready and available from your standard Hotspot in an instant, the fabulous Flex XL has ‘pull-out’ flexible dispense for the Hot & Cold water. Why not check out Flex XL’s excellent trigger control. Simply press the rocker-button and the flow changes to pressurised shower jet - perfect for washing dishes or rinsing fruit & veggies. The flow of the water through the flexible hose keeps the water in shower jet mode until you stop the tap, only when you start it up again that it reverts to standard flow. 

The hose is easy pull out and easy clip back fixing and the hose stays firmly in position when re-housed. The flexible hose is a massive 600mm in length enabling a huge spray radius which is easily directed where required.

The boiling water dispense remains separate to the pull out hose for extra boiling water safety.


The Nova is an electronic 2-in-1 filtered boiling and chilled water tap, available in two different finishes. It can be placed in any kitchen or tea point area. With the Nova, convenience comes first with an ergonomically designed boiling and chilled dispense interface. The tap is also equipped with an insulated spout so that it stays nice and cool during use. In addition, the tap is equipped with a unique smooth flow technique, which ensures that chilled and boiling water show a calm flow.

Enhance your kitchen with a coloured tap of your choice

In the development of our taps we wanted to ensure that there were multiple options to select from when choosing your filtered boiling and chilled water tap. Both our Alessio & Adrianna 3-in-1 taps have not one, not two, but three different colour options for you to choose between when exquisitely accentuating your kitchen. There is the edgy, modern matt black, our classic and clean polished chrome finish or finally, the beautiful fusion synchrony of both the edgy and classic - the stainless steel effect kettle alternative.

Our Calisto, Vitoria and Flex are available in five different finishes: classic chrome, modern stainless steel, shiny gold, heartwarming copper or edgy gun metal.

Our NOVA is available in two finishes: modern Matt Black or Stainless Steel effect. 


How soon can I enjoy my Hotspot?

We have a significant stock holding in the UK and can generally deliver within 3 to 4 days following cleared payment. Need it faster? let us know how fast and we will try help. 

Best quality water with a filter

Our waterfilters are the ideal solution for consistently high quality and great tasting water for all cold and hot drinks – mostly in combination with lime scale and corrosion protection. Our filters have up to 5 filtration levels - all in one filter cartridge – and 7 bypass levels.


  • Perfect taste thanks to our patented mineral-stabilization technology.

  • Easy replacement without turning off the water supply (auto shut-off function).

  • Bypass function with seven settings that uses our patented DuoBlend® technology.

  • Integrated protection against microbial contamination.

  • Very high output combined with maximum improvement of both taste and smell.

  • Certified for contact with food.

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