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HotSpot Titanium’s Sustainable and Robust Hot Water Tank

HotSpot Titanium’s Sustainable and Robust Hot Water Tank

Sustainable Boiling Water Tap

Sustainability is a term increasingly applied without challenge and we wish to assure that any sustainability claim we make will be in action not just title. At HotSpot Titanium, when designing our product range, a lot of thought goes into what would be an exquisite piece of interior decor, that also lasts for years to come. Our planet is very precious, every little thing we can do to protect it adds up; including investing in appliances that will last a long time, not disposable two-minute wonders. At times it may seem overwhelming, but the investment will only benefit both us and the environment long term.

Why HotSpot Titanium offers a sustainable solution for your family or business

  1. Ethical sourcing of raw materials, particularly Titanium
  2. Finished product shipment miles NL to UK relatively short versus many alternatives
  3. Long-lasting titanium heater tank with a 20-year warranty
  4. More economical - using less power to boil your water
  5. Less water waste - get the exact amount of water you need, every time
  6. Filter up-cycle – 100% reuse of spent filter plastic – nothing to landfill

World’s First Mass Production Titanium Boiling Hot Water Tank Heater

Titanium is a lightweight and incredibly strong metal used widely in the aerospace industry - a metal used in Space needs to be both durable and robust. There is, therefore, no bewilderment that this is the preferred solution for the severe, dynamic environment outside of our planet. Titanium is both highly resistant to corrosion, relatively non-magnetic and bio-compatible.

What better material to use to ensure a long-lasting, robust and sustainable solution for your water heater tank. We at HotSpot Titanium felt it was the best solution to give you an assured 20+ years of reliability after purchasing one of our 3-in-1 Hot Boiling Water Tap’s.

20-year Warranty

So is the boiling water tank the only component of the mixer tap appliance that is built of this material? No. We offer a 20-year anti-leak warranty on the titanium tank. The reason this is such a long time is because of the reliability of the components that collaborate to form your hot water appliance. As well as the pure water titanium storage tank itself - the vessel, element casing, inlet, outlet and temperature sensor encasement are all made from, yes you’ve guessed it, titanium. Our industry-leading 20-year warranty gives you the peace of mind that this investment is a trustworthy and reliable choice when it comes to the best boiling water solution for your kitchen.

Low Maintenance Kitchen Appliance

All the titanium within the device itself, including the hot water tank, makes corrosion as well as the repulsive, despicable lumpy limescale a thing of the past. Many appliances are an initial investment plus they then require frequent maintenance. The titanium composition of our heating tanks ensures that this inconvenient and expensive exercise is another distant memory. Additionally, the technology and composition of the standard filtration system itself reassure barely any calcification, another factor contributing to the reliable, longevity of the appliance.

Is Titanium a safe material for your boiling water tank?

If water is stored somewhere, it is always important to consider what storage material is being used and whether or not contamination is likely. Every material is made up of different elements; often these compounds can react with the water that is being stored inside of them. This is potentially harmful as the by-product of this reaction can then be passed through to your drinking water. We specifically chose titanium to store your water not only because of its durability and lack of corrosion but also due to its extremely low contamination level.

Titanium, unlike other materials, does not react and therefore contaminate your water. Consequently, there need be no concern about any undesirable impurities in your water. The water that leaves the outlet of your 3-in-1 water tap is as pure as the water that enters the inlet – uncontaminated.

Recyclable Boiling Water Tank

Using the HotSpot Titanium three-in-one boiling water appliance for over 20 years is a very sustainable and responsible choice when it comes to your pure drinking water. Time goes by, and eventually, when your current tap gets upgraded you can rest assured you have still made a very sustainable choice. 100 per cent of the pure titanium tank is fully recyclable.

If you would like more information about filtration and pure water with our boiling water tap you can visit our website. To compare models and find a sustainable, cutting edge model to embellish your kitchen you can compare your choices at HotSpot Titanium online.

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