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HotSpot Titanium Convenience - Sterilising Dummies and Bottle Nipples

HotSpot Titanium Convenience - Sterilising Dummies and Bottle Nipples

HotSpot Titanium Convenience - Sterilising Dummies and Bottle Nipples 

HotSpot Titanium are at the forefront of cutting edge interior design with their incredible three-in-one boiling tap range. Their products have multiple exquisite styles and tasteful colours to select from, enabling an alluring, bespoke statement piece to be added to your brand new, or newly renovated kitchen. Not only do the products have an inbuilt, state of the art, safety feature Intelliprotect® (and now the alternative ‘spring-back-safety for the new Vitoria and Calisto tap styles), they are also extremely convenient. The kettle alternative’s presence really helps to make everyday, time consuming tasks, that extra touch easier. Especially essential for parents with little ones that require additional, loving care and attention. 

Caring For Your Child With HotSpot Titanium 
The health of your family is an absolute priority. The baby centre medical advisory board states that the first year of a baby's life is the most crucial to pay attention to, in regards to the fact that they are at a very high level of susceptibility to illness. There are hundreds of different factors for example, whether the baby is only breastfed versus bottle-fed, whether they have had their immunisations, exposure to certain environments and so much more. We as parents have factors that we can and cannot control, but it is always fundamental to do everything within our power to protect them. If their bottle nipples and dummies are not cleaned correctly, it is an invitation for foreign, unwanted bodies to duplicate, these include bacteria, virus strains and even parasites.  

Bacterial and viral infections can occur based on the fact that they have been able to thrive in their ideal environment, one of these being the unclean surface of your child’s used dummy or bottle nipple. The inability to clean and then sterilise properly, could result in more mild concerns such as thrush, however there is also an increased likelihood of more serious illnesses such as diarrhoea or vomiting. This is not a topic to be taken lightly, and can be of grave concern for those little immune systems that are very efficient but mutually vulnerable in their initial, dynamic stage of development. 

This being said, there is no need to wrap our children in 30 layers of cotton wool, it is both unrealistic and physically impossible to sterilise and ‘germ free’ every space and object your baby or toddler will interact with. What we can do is keep everything as clean and safe as ‘humanistically’ possible. Proper cleaning and sterilisation of dummies and bottle nipples, when done correctly can prevent unwanted bacteria, viruses or parasites from being ingested by your little bundle of joy. There are two ways in which HotSpot Titanium’s kitchen tap, and reliable, robust heating system, can help make the cleaning and sterilisation process for your baby both convenient and easy. These simple steps can create space in your busy schedule so you can prioritise spending more precious, bonding time with your mini-me. 

Cleaning with your 3-in-1 HotSpot Titanium Kitchen Tap 
It is first recommended that the children's products, bottle nipples, dummies and so on, are washed in hot, soapy water. Fill your sink up with your smooth flow HotSpot Titanium water tap, add washing liquid with the additional physical support of a cleaning brush. It is always an option, if it is of concern to you, to use a soap that is created for children, this for example may be lower in chemicals and hypoallergenic. There are multiple products out there such as the hypoallergenic Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid . If as an alternative, you wish to use the dishwasher, be mindful of what cleaning product you are using, always ensuring it is safe. Regardless of how you choose to clean, a very, almost stupidly obvious, but very handy tip is to ALWAYS rinse items such as the bottle straight after use. It makes the cleaning process that much easier, no need to scrub away for hours at sticky, post bottle build up!

Convenient Sterilisation With Your Boiling Water Tap 
Cleaning is an important first step of the process but in order to properly sterilise the products, the following step is non-negotiable. There are multiple ways in which the baby or toddler’s products can be sterilised, a highly convenient option is to use your 3-in-1 HotSpot Titanium water tap to efficiently speed up the process. 

The NHS have certain recommendations when it comes to sterilisation of products, they, like the baby centre medical advisory board, state that until the age of 12 months it is essential that sterilisation occurs for all dummies or baby feeding utensils. A very traditional and good sterilisation method to use is the one with boiling water. Your HotSpot Titanium boiling water is not only filtered, ensuring quality, it’s smooth flow also ensures the boiling water emerging from the tap will be at boiling point. There is no wait for the tap to boil. Before starting the process, always ensure it is safe to put all products in boiling water, they will on their instructions if so. Use the tap pan filling function and fill a large pot or pan with boiling water. Place the items inside the pan and then leave to boil on the gas or electric stove top for a minimum of 5 minutes, it is recommended to leave the lid on whilst this occurs, you can visit the NHS for more info. 

An additional note is to always look out or any cracks or splits in the dummy or bottle nipple as this is a dangerous reproductive zone for potential nasty germs! 

For all additional features and to complete your full understanding of an essential helping hand when keeping items clean and safe for your little one, you can visit HotSpot Titanium’s website. If you are wanting to read more information about Intelliprotect®, recipe ideas, technical descriptions and the history of the kitchen tap their blogs have all you need to know!

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