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History of the Humble Water Tap

History of the Humble Water Tap

History of the Humble Water Tap

We at Hotspot Titanium understand that when developing the concept of your dream kitchen, there is a vortex of decisions and possibilities. Where will you place the fridge? What Hot Water Tap should you purchase? What colour should you use for the splashback? Let alone the multiple smaller, finer aesthetic details that can truly enhance the whole experience, for example, have you considered what shape you want your 3-in-1 boiling hot water tap to be? With unlimited potential, the creating, redecorating or even just the idea of altering your kitchen can be an overwhelming experience. Sometimes it is worth stopping, as dear Aunty Agnus use to say, let us not forget and appreciate what we have, keeping it simple, without overthinking, is often the best solution.

History of the kitchen tap

It is exciting to think about what colours and shapes you want to display in your kitchen. When selecting which 3-in-1 water tap will suit you best, it is easy to mindlessly take for granted how convenient, the smooth flow of the water that emerges from the tap really is. With only a small adjustment from the hinge of your elbow, cold, warm or even boiling filtered water are at the ready. The humble history of the kitchen spout is an interesting one, that goes far beyond, as far back as our ancient ancestors. The Romans first implemented the taps to sustain fountains, private and public baths as early as 1700 BC!

A point that is fascinating, is that the single-handed tap fixture - i.e separate tap knob/handles for hot and cold water - is an extremely recent creation, thousands of centuries later. Al Moen suffered a nasty burn to his hand, in much pain after scolding himself with the hot water, he decided to take some initiative. His burn promoted him to create, whereby he, in 1937, developed what is now the common, single-handed tap. Now with only one hand, users were readily able to adjust water flow pressure and temperature, the best of both worlds! Consequently reducing the likelihood of burning. It didn’t come to pass without some convincing though, his initial design was rejected, it wasn’t until after 1940 that his sceptics saw the light and his genius was accepted.

Your modern 3-in-1 Hot Boiling Water Appliance

Using this modern genius, our smooth flow three-in-one hot water appliances allow you to have the convenience of not only cold and hot water (and everything in between!) but also filtered boiling water at the ready. This reliable, state of the art kettle replacement allows you to get on with your day efficiently, maximising your time, not allowing that ding of the overused, retired kettle to dictate your whereabouts. Our hot water filter taps are reliable, safety is an absolute priority. You can read all about the safety functions of our products on our specific safety blog. At HotSpot Titanium we think it is important to move with current trends, whilst still considering your own personal style - we can all take a leaf out of our friend Al Moen’s book, what if he continued to follow the trend of the traditional sink and tap combo? When considering your colour and style options rest assured our full 3-in-1 tap range has something suitable for everyone's needs.

Choosing the shape of tap that works for your kitchen

Chrome is a reliable, timeless yet modern finish for the appliances in your kitchen. The classic silver colour mirror allows room for your personality to be expressed. Maybe it is a burnt, sunset orange splashback? Or alternatively does it complement your beloved mint green vintage Smeg refrigerator (with matching toaster, tea towels, plates and we can’t forget the mugs!) The angular shape of the Adrianna polished chrome tap is a much newer trend compared to more traditional curved Alessio polished chrome Tap. Consider whether the sharper modern edge of the Adrianna is a subtle statement that synchronises well with the other kitchen curves. Or is the classic bend of the Alessio an intimate traditional twist in an ultra-modern, black and white splashout kitchen? 

To compare and contrast all different shapes and colours for your 3-in-1 boiling water appliance visit HotSpot Titanium online. To gain more insight when redesigning, building or just thinking about modifying your kitchen you can visit our website. Alternatively, feel free to take a peek at our blogs to view everything from technical explanations, design ideas, recipes, convenient time-saving tips and so much more. Here is to the appreciation of the humble kitchen sink and tap!

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