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HotSpot Titanium is the choice of Grayson every-time!

HotSpot Titanium is the choice of Grayson every-time!

It’s not just the availability of 50,000+ construction consumables under the one roof that makes Grayson (GB) Ltd the supplier of choice for main contractors and specialist sub-contractors - it’s also the excellent service from the most knowledgeable of teams.

“Hard to believe how we ever coped without the luxury of instant boiling water at the office tea-point”

says Clare Spivey, General Manager of Grayson. ”Our new HotSpot Titanium instant boiling water tap has certainly helped to widen the smiles on the faces of our incredible team”.

The Challenge

It’s a proportionately small kitchen that serves the first-floor office where most of the team are based. It’s either been a small capacity kettle close-by or a walk to the main canteen and back with a tray full of ‘drinks run’ teas or coffees.

The Options

We looked at various options and found that most either took up too much space or couldn’t provide enough Boiling Water at kettle temperature.

The Results

The HotSpot Titanium was the only space saving option capable of serving our 20+ team with no compromise in temperature. It’s also great peace of mind to both have a 20-year warranty on the Titanium Tank and a Titanium part that does not corrode into the drinking water.

HotSpot Titanium supplied Grayson with the fabulous Alessio Polished Chrome!

Alessio Polished Chrome

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