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Choosing Your Kitchen Colour Scheme

Choosing Your Kitchen Colour Scheme

Choosing Your Kitchen Colour Scheme 

Life is vibrant with colour. The colours around us influence the experiences we have and the home that we inhabit is no exception. The home is most often a vivid expression of the atmosphere in which we want to live in, it can have a strong influence on how those who experience it feel. There are many different elements in the kitchen where colour can be incorporated, everything from the kitchen appliances, cabinetry, hardware, lighting, flooring, or even the smaller aesthetics such as the functional cupboard handle. So how do you choose your kitchen colours? We at HotSpot Titanium want to help make your decision process as enjoyable and simple as possible. Clear the cobwebs off that paint pallet you adored as a child and embrace splashing about with different options to redecorate or create your cutting edge, bespoke kitchen.

What kitchen tap finish options are there? 

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where the meals are prepared that join and unite us as one. It is a place that allows connection and thus, the creation of treasured memories. So how do you choose the right colour or finish to embrace this experience? In this wonderful day and age, we have an abundant amount of choices.

In the development of hot water taps, we at HotSpot Titanium wanted to ensure that there were multiple options to select from when choosing your filtered boiling water tap. Both our Alessio & Adrianna 3-in-1 taps have not one, not two, but three different colour options for you to choose between when exquisitely accentuating your kitchen. There is the edgy, modern matt black, our classic and clean polished chrome finish or finally, the beautiful fusion synchrony of both the edgy and classic - the stainless steel effect kettle alternative. You can read more information on the function of these modern appliances as well as practical recipe ideas on our blog

The filtered boiling water Alessio tap is right on point in terms of current interior design according to ‘Living Etcs’, latest kitchen design trends in 2019 - ‘the curve is making a comeback’. So with the soft, clean curve being a current trend, how then do you then choose the finish for your boiling water appliance? 

How to choose complementary colours for your kitchen and sink? 

When choosing your colour scheme, it is essential to consider the impact as a whole. The smaller appliances in the kitchen, although more minor in the visual spectrum, can have a significant influence on the kitchen as a whole, as the Dalai Lama says “if you think you are too small to make a difference try sleeping with a mosquito” right? The experts at ideal home point out that regardless of the large expense of redoing your kitchen, you don't necessarily have to play it safe, it can be a fun opportunity to express your personality.  

Three handy tips when experimenting with different options:  

  • Use your imagination 

There are multiple, different helpful sites out there to help get an overall notion of how certain colours can spice up your kitchen. Pinterest is your best friend when contemplating the sea of different options, check out the 358 best different colour schemes in 2019 for kitchens. As you browse through different boards save the images that excite you. Next, choose a few consistent themes that you like, or even dislike, you may surprise yourself! For example, a country homestead style kitchen board, an ultra-modern white out, black contrast vibe, or finally an elegant, exquisite vintage feel. Consider whether you want the style of this room to have similar features to that of other rooms, such as the bathroom - will your taps and cabinetry have a completely different style altogether? Refine and refine until it feels divine. 

  • Try it on 

If you can access them, samples are truly your second best friend to get a feel for the imagery you have been putting together. Get a slab of floorboard versus a tile, lay it on the floor with a splash of paint on the wall to compare. Of course, this is easy for the likes of paint and flooring. But when choosing what hot water tap colour to use, try our Augmented Reality App, it’s a great way to swap between the options without incurring any risk of buy before you try!

  • Understand the feeling you want to envoke in your kitchen 

All things considered, when choosing the colour, pay close attention to the tone, this can vividly alter the overall room atmosphere. Ideal home reveals that warmer tones can create a whole different experience to that of the cooler ones. Let’s say, for example, you choose grey as a base for your kitchen colour pallet.

How do you want your guests and family to feel in the kitchen? Crisp and fresh? Warm and cosy? Therefore, would the cooler, reflective, mirror feel of the Alessio classic polished chrome create the that fuelled, ready to take on the world, energised feeling? Or does the warmer, softer grey blend of the Alessio stainless steel fixture flow more with the calm, cosy, nostalgic home baking; fresh from the oven, feeling in your new kitchen concept? The choice is yours.

For more information and to view our full colour and style range when it comes to your new kitchen smooth flow tap visit our HotSpot Titanium shop. If you seek additional information about how our products cutting edge, technology is a perfect addition to your kitchen, you can read more detailed information on our website! Happy creating! 

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