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Boiling Water Tap and Appliance Filtration

Boiling Water Tap and Appliance Filtration

Filtered Water

We all know it to be a big aspiration to consume only great quality drinking water, but how does the process of taking low quality (albeit already potable) water actually happen? How does HotSpot Titanium’s standard issue 5-step filtration system ensure that your water is of premium quality?

HotSpot Titanium’s filtered water is beneficial to health as the water has been cleansed of foreign, unwelcome particles that our bodies would otherwise have to process. The 5-step filtration system removes impurities from water including, chlorine, disinfectant by-products and heavy metals such as mercury. The filter also reduces bacteria, and at the same time, ensures that trace amounts of the essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc can still pass through.

Water Tap Filter

So there is an effective, magic solution to having pure, filtered water? Yes! HotSpot Titanium’s smooth flow system.

So how does the filtration system actually work? And how does it prevent limescale from building up?

HotSpot Titanium’s 3-in-1 boiling water appliance has a 5-step filtration system; a system that not only protects you and your health, it is also responsible for both the longevity and reliability of the tap.

Looking at the specific, technical breakdown, the process can be broken down into five steps:

  1. Particle Pre-filtration
  2. Activated Carbon Filtration
  3. High-Performance ION Exchange
  4. Activated Carbon Filtration
  5. Particle Fine-filtration

Firstly, the system only allows filtered water into the heater. The filter is a superior, double activated carbon filter that collaborates with an ion exchanger. The dual effect ensures both premium taste and water quality whilst also protecting your tank.

So does this mean that both the hot and cold water that flows from the tap is also filtered? No, the filter we supply as standard is utilised for the boiling water only. Please contact us to find out more about Cold filter as we can assist here!

Our filter also removes the time-consuming task of having to manual fill a traditional kettle with filtered water and then wait for a ding. With a single press of a button, you have boiled, filtered water flowing into your cup.

Easy to Change Filter

With such a premium filtration system, is it easy to change the filter?
In a word, yes.                 
Although the device itself is leading the industry of boiling water appliances, it is straightforward to change the filter. The quick and easy online ordering process on our webshop will deliver your new filter directly to your door. Once received, there is no need to flush it out multiple times like some alternative systems. Following our easy steps, the process of removing and inserting a new filter only takes an average of ten seconds, yes... that was officially recorded.

Can our filter be recycled?

Yes, we are delighted to have partnered with a filter manufacturer who will recycle 100% of the plastic. Did you know that there is as much plastic in a good Boiling water filter as approx. 60 small plastic bottles of water. Please help us to not send spent filters to landfill!

For more detailed information about how HotSpot Titanium’s boiling water tap filter works, you can visit our website or feel free to contact customer service for any additional questions. You can read more about our sustainable hot water tank on our blog. To consider all your options when it comes to the right fit for your new interior masterpiece see our shop HotSpot Titanium online.

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