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A&S Home Design – experts in kitchen design and installation

A&S Home Design – experts in kitchen design and installation

A&S Home Design – experts in kitchen design and installation

Says Nick Taylor, Managing Director, HotSpot Titanium UK

"KBBG member A&S Home Design in Glasgow are a model Hotspot customer. We love it when our Kitchen Expert accounts are so very familiar and talkative about the added value that comes with Hotspot Titanium’s robust Titanium tanks; patented intelli-protect safety feature and unprecedented warranty protection.

There’s such a great margin opportunity as you do not need to crash the price if your customer sees the value and Steve and his team know the Hotspot Titanium product inside out. Having a working model on display really helps and we absolutely love the social media collaborations between our two companies."

Says Stephen, A&S Home Design

“Customers don’t come to us to buy what they can buy from everywhere else, they come to us for the know-how and expertise that has come from our 30 years of planning, designing and installing premium kitchens.

We are not in the game of getting the kitchen right and taking a chance with an appliance supplier who cannot or will not live up to the high expectations of our customer. For years now we have supplied only Hotspot Titanium to our deserved customers for the instant boiling water aspect of their German kitchen.

Why is this? Well our customers want 100DegC without the splutter - smooth flow technique from Hotspot is our saviour here. We like the tap styles, the compactness of the heater and we like the promptness of ‘problem sorted’ for those rare occasions when something goes wrong.

You only have to check our online Case Studies out to see what customers are saying about A&S Home Design… “helpful”, “hard-working”, “keep mess to a minimum”, “wonderful”. We cannot achieve all this without great suppliers and I consider Hotspot just that…a great supplier to our fabulous business!"

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