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6 Reasons Why HotSpot Titanium Is Your Essential Colleague 

6 Reasons Why HotSpot Titanium Is Your Essential Colleague 

6 Reasons Why HotSpot Titanium Is Your Essential Colleague 

Let’s be honest, what is a work day without that steaming cup of life force? Whether your elixir of choice is the humble, Yorkshire brew with a dash of milk, (“three large teaspoons of sugar please”), a strong green tea or a double strength black coffee, it’s these simple pleasures that we can all agree are an asset to any business.  

It’s simple, happy staff mean an increased chance of productivity, a higher chance of productivity leads to the increased likelihood of reaching goals and targets, finally leading to the curation of a more fulfilled and successful business. But let’s go back to the initial stage, where it all begins, with the happiness of the employee. How can this be maximised? What puts a larger smile on any colleagues face than being asked if they fancy a hot brew? (Double points if Grandma's extra butter, ginger shortbread is also on offer!). 

The humble cup of tea, or the caffeine fuelled coffee, are statement aspects of our daily routine whether at home or working away in the office, that extra bit of loving heat helps make every meeting, email, or new project, that much warmer, so how can this process be as convenient as possible? HotSpot Titanium’s 3-in-1 boiling filtered water tap is the ideal addition to any workspace whether it’s a co share, start up or larger commercial business. 

6 Reasons Why HotSpot Titanium’s Boiling Kitchen Tap Is The Best Solution For Your Workspace. 

1. Keeps users happy, without a ridiculous cost  

Coffee machines are fantastic, most often with the right temperature water for coffee (but most often not for tea). Why not twin a HotSpot Titanium three-in-one water tap with your coffee machine.  HotSpot Titanium provides filtered boiling water instantly, with additional bonus of simplicity and low faff. There is no constant refilling, just a good stock of tea bags and coffee is required, a much more sustainable and realistic solution. 

2. No more queuing for the kettle  

Gone are the days of the awkward kettle chat (that’s if you are lucky enough to make the first round!) The instant, smooth flow boiling water means no more impatient, lingering around. Highly convenient to serve guests as soon as the walk in the door, an instant brew that is non-intrusive to the teams’ productivity. 

3. Supports workplace safety in multiple ways 

In regards to safety, water and electricity can be a destructive duo. Having a permanently placed tap that already provides free flowing boiling water without the need for periodic Portable Appliance Testing, instead of kettle needing to be plugged in, is beneficial for the overall safety of the building. IntelliProtect®, HotSpot Titanium’s state of the art safety feature with Adrianna and Alessio tap styles (see also ‘spring back safety’ with the Vitoria and Calisto tap styles), means you can also control when your boiling water flows from the tap. There are thorough, simple instructions available on their IntelliProtect® blog. Based on your specific office requirements, via just the tap of the button on the heater tank your safety level can be adjusted. You can have boiling water from just one touch of the button on the tap, or can make a more secure combination based on what you need in your environment. 

4. Reduces arguments over limescale cleaning

The filtration system helps with boiling water purity, an absolute godsend when it comes to reducing the likelihood of an unwanted limescale flake welcoming itself into your elixir at work. With HotSpot Titanium’s boiling tap, there is no longer a need to bring up the conversation in the weekly catch up and negotiate whose turn it is scrub out the kettle. The negotiations can be prioritised for the real deals. Let's be honest, it's hard enough at times to ensure dishes have been washed and there isn’t a community of used cups mulling around in the sink!

5. Always dressed for the occasion 

Not only is the kitchen appliance efficient, safe and convenient, it is a statement piece in the office kitchen that is on point in terms of style. Based on your office theme and design concept you have chosen, you are able to select from different colour tones, shapes and textures to ensure your tap is the perfect fit, always looking sharp, for your team! 

HotSpot Titanium’s website has additional information so you can fully educate yourself before hiring your new, reliable, safe and convenient employee! Before joining the team, HotSpot Titanium’s blogs have very helpful, full background information, including all the technical details. There are even recipe ideas to help promote team bonding, essential to maintaining a great culture in your office space. 

6. Your very own 24/7 office cleaner  

Many office spaces need, for both health and safety regulations, or merely to clean up a spill, an efficient, reliable process to get the job done. HotSpot Titanium's 8Litre model can generate the Hot Water (35DegC to 70DegC) instantly which enables any soapy bucket can be filled immediately.

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