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HotSpot Titanium's 8-litre Combi water heater is the core of our filtered boiling water system, equipped with a solid titanium water storage tank, making it robust, resistant to corrosion; delivering the purest water. Ideal for larger households.

The stylish HotSpot Titanium heater is at the heart of our boiling water system. The 8-litre combi heater is equipped with a pure titanium water storage tank, which ensures that there is no ‘after taste’. What’s more, high-vacuum insulation around the tank maintains the temperature at the correct level (above 100˚C), guaranteeing negligible standby loss.

At the front of the heater are two easy push button controls; the lower button activates the heater and the upper one switches between the different IntelliProtect® child safety security levels and the pan fill (constant flow) mode. As this robust product is designed for low maintenance, it has a very long life cycle and the pure titanium tank is fully recyclable. Optimal boiling water flow can be reached with 2 - 3 bar mains water pressure connected to the system, but at least a minimum of 1 bar is required with a maximum of 5 bar.

Compact in size, the heater fits comfortably into your undersink cupboard. Both models can be installed in combination with our 3-in-1 mixer tap or Solo boiling water tap. Especially larger households may prefer the 8-litre combi heater with built-in combi facility for twice as much boiling water capacity. As well as delivering filtered boiling water to your kitchen tap, the 8-litre combi heater can also deliver instant pressurised hot water to your kitchen mixer tap (easily adjustable between 35˚C - 70˚C).

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