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Feng Shui the Heart of Your Home

Feng Shui the Heart of Your Home

Feng Shui the Heart of Your Home 

HotSpot Titaniums intrinsically crafted 3-in-1 water taps have been designed in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, and at the forefront of modern interior design. Their hot water appliances have been tailored to incorporate design elements inspired by a more timeless, classical tradition, as well as a more contrasting, modern and crisp aesthetic feel. The Alessio tap is a more traditional shape option of the range, yet the three colour options also give you the freedom of choice and variety, moving through aspects of simple and traditional to a more edgy, contemporary and modern. 

When designing your kitchen you spend a lot of time choosing what colours you want, what textures feel appropriate, how each compliments or even contrasts with one another. You mix, match, compare, (and then compare again) the hundreds of different appliances, and all their specs that suit your household requirements. But is choosing where you put your appliances, the positioning and laying out of them in the physical space important? Could this have a big influence on the overall feel and energy of the room? According to Feng Shui this is a fundamental part in the design process that greatly impacts the living environment of your home. 

Feng Shui Applied to Your Kitchen 

There are many different resources, as well as courses, guides and even consultations in the UK that can help you incorporate Feng Shui into your homestead. The Feng Shui society have a full guide on their website, here you can hire a personalised consultant to physically come to your home and analyse your kitchen or full living space. Feng Shui is both a science and an art, it is based on a profound traditional Chinese understanding of the impact and connection we as humans have with the environment that surrounds us. It is thought the way in which we physically position objects in space can actually hinder, or negatively impact our overall functionality. Space, time, physical orientation and landscape are all analysed. By altering and shifting objects we can make positive adjustments that align with the ancient phenomenon, it is believed that the consequence of this movement can allow overall support of both yours, and your households daily functionality. According to the society, “The core of this evolved ancient practice lies in seeking a wholesome, balanced relationship between yin and yang, qi and five elements, man and nature.”. 

For those of us that are wanting to educate ourselves and get all ‘DIY’ when it comes to Feng Shui, House and Garden have recently written a very simple, helpful guide in order to incorporate the elements of Feng Shui into your new or renovated kitchen space. So how can you incorporate Feng Shui not only to guide the positioning of your Alessio filtered boiling water tap and other appliances, but direct the choice of colour in the selection of your 3-in-1 hot water tap. 

Positioning of Your Filtered Alessio Boiling Water Tap 

When choosing where to place your sink and tap combo in the kitchen, according to the ancient practice, the location of the different elements of water and fire need to be carefully studied. Water is a symbol in Feng Shui that represents the extinguishing of fire, thus the two elements should not be placed together as one will ‘extinguish the other’. It is therefore suggested that your appliances used for cooking, your stove top and oven, are kept at a distance from your Alessio 3-in-1 water tap. This is where the modern, free standing island used in the kitchen is very helpful. Consider placing your boiling water appliance and sink here, away from the fire elements. The island concept is also supported in Feng Shui as it creates a more open space, it allows users to face the room rather than the wall. This curates a more interactive and connected energy in the kitchen, rather than one that is isolated and closed off.

Colour and Texture Options for Your Alessio 3-in-1 Water Tap 

After choosing a style that is classic and traditional, you then have three different colour options to choose from for your Alessio three-in-one water appliance. The Alessio matt black, The Alessio polished chrome or finally the Alessio stainless steel effect. According to the article, the use of white and or a gentle, smooth grey are suitable for cabinets, your cupboards and drawers. These fresh tones can then be embellished with soft notes of green to accentuate the space. You can then add a touch of colour with accessory pieces such as a splashback, vases, crockery or even your tea towels. Green is the suggested colour here based on the idea that the earthy pallet promotes positive energy, it is related to family and health, a perfect colour choice to be placed in the heart of your home. Staying with the green trend, the addition of plants is also recommended to reduce toxins and also provide a natural filter for your family's health. This way you have filtered boiling water and filtered fresh air in your kitchen! 

Taking into account the recommended colour accents, the Alessio polished chrome soft grey finish and gentle texture may be the most suitable according to the ancient Chinese practice. It’s subtle texture promotes a warm grey contrasting to a sharp finish, blending beautifully with other clean white and soft grey tones. 

For more information on our full range of products, including our incredible bespoke safety feature, and so much more, you can visit our website. If you are wanting to compare and contrast the perfect 3-in-1 tap according to your needs you can view our full range on the HotSpot Titanium online shop. 





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