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Exploring the Hotspot Titanium Nova Tap: A Comprehensive Review

Exploring the Hotspot Titanium Nova Tap: A Comprehensive Review

Exploring the Hotspot Titanium Nova Tap: A Comprehensive Review

The Hotspot Titanium Nova Tap has garnered attention as a cutting-edge addition to offices, promising innovative features and convenience in water dispensing. Let's delve into a comprehensive review of this tap to uncover its functionalities, design, and overall performance.

The Hotspot Titanium Nova tap is an off-the-sink solution, making it ideal for offices. The off-the-sink principle means that the system requires no fixed sink, which makes it very flexible and can be placed in many places in the office. Due to its compact size, the system takes up little counter space, revolutionising the availability of water points in offices. The system is available with a medium or high capacity heater and chiller making it suitable for any type of office.

Design and Build Quality

The Titanium Nova Tap has a sleek and modern design that fits seamlessly into modern offices. It is made of high-quality and durable materials and is available in a variety of luxurious finishes such as Stainless Steel and Matt Black, giving it elegance and long-lasting resistance to wear and tear.


Instant Boiling Water

The Hotspot Titanium Nova Tap's most striking feature is its ability to deliver boiling water instantly, making kettles and waiting times unnecessary. With a simple touch, it delivers boiling water on demand, for various hot drinks or to quickly make instant noodles and satisfy your appetite.

Chilled and Ambient Option

This tap doesn't just stop at boiling water; it offers chilled and option ambient water functionalities as well. The versatility and range of different types of water encourage employees to stay adequately hydrated through the day.

Intuitive Interface

Equipped with an intuitive interface and touch controls, operating the Hotspot Titanium Nova Tap is user-friendly and straightforward. Switching between water options are easily accessible, simplifying the user experience.





Performance and Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Boiling and Chilled water

Thanks to the highly insulated titanium storage tank in our heaters, the water reaches temperature quickly and stays at temperature with minimal heat loss.

Due to more efficient technology or chillers save up to 30% thanks to the hydronic system compared to others systems in the market.

Water Filtration

Our water filters are the ideal solution for consistently high quality and great tasting water for all cold and hot drinks, mostly in combination with lime scale and corrosion protection. Our filters have up to 5 filtration levels, all in one filter cartridge and 7 bypass levels.

- Perfect taste thanks to our patented mineral-stabilization technology.
- East replacement without turning off the water supply (auto shut-off function).
- Bypass function with seven settings that uses our patented DuoBlend ® technology.
- Integrated protection against microbial contamination.
- Very high output combined with maximum improvement of both taste and smell.
- Certified for contact food.


A valuable addition to a modern office, the Hotspot Titanium Nova Tap offers a combination of style, convenience and innovative functionalities. Its ability to deliver instant boiling and chilled water, coupled with energy efficiency and an advanced filtration system, elevates the office hydration experience.

Tailored advice
Consult one of our specialists to create a thorough plan to provide your office with sufficient on and off the sink hydration points. Our team is ready to help you keep your employees optimally hydrated!

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