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A true-showcase of world class office design: Bowman Riley

A true-showcase of world class office design: Bowman Riley

Bowman Riley – New Leeds Office

As an award-winning team of Architects, Building Consultants and Interior Designers, it is no surprise that instant boiling water in Bowman Riley’s place of work isn’t a new feature. The relocating and expanding of the Leeds office however provided an ideal opportunity to upgrade much of Bowman Riley’s own interiors and provide a true-showcase of world class office design and fit-out.

The Challenge

Peak demand had often found the existing tap to be under-capacity; hot drinks contributing greatly to the inspired work of this revolutionary design practice! Bowman Riley were in search of an alternative system that looks great, works great and is a leading solution in terms of cost to buy, cost to run and cost to the environment.

The Options

Says Tom Shelley, Head of Interior Design: “We looked at away-from-the-sink options but felt it unnecessary to take up valuable kitchen-worktop, particularly when HotSpot Titanium were offering larger capacity with the most compact of heaters”.

The Results

Surprisingly the 8Litre with only a 210mm by 285mm footprint can fit in the most bijou of cabinets. It’s a cool design and with the 5 year warranty you get a lot more for your money.

When it comes to Filtered Boiling Water in an instant, HotSpot Titanium is the choice of Bowman Riley every-time!

Our choice: Matt Black Adrianna


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