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Why not try Hotspot Titanium’s filtered boiling water tapware (and heater) on for size, in your home or workplace? Download our app now!

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  • Our tap magically appears

    Simply aim your camera at the kitchen counter and make circular movements with your phone and our tap magically appears. You can try out our IntelliProtect® range of tapware and heaters. You can move it into position and even turn it around.

  • A tap to suit your style

    Choosing your kitchen interior is personal. It’s got to suit your style, and that differs from one person to the next - do you want a round or square tap, and what about the finish?

  • Test our IntelliProtect® range in your kitchen

    Thanks to our augmented reality app, you can try before you buy! Test out our IntelliProtect® range in your kitchen, as well as our 4 or 8-litre titanium heaters.

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The safest and most reliable filtered boiling water tap

Too busy to visit one of our live displays? Then by downloading our app you will not only save time, it could save your marriage. You can have that heated debate with your loved one from the comfort of your home rather than the shop floor!

Whether it’s a whole new kitchen or an upgrade to your existing, use our AR app to choose your look and make your purchase so much smoother. Easy to use, free... and a lot of fun!


Filtered boiling water in an instant, at just the right amount, whether making a hot drink or filling a pan only Hotspot Titanium gives you 100°C in a smooth flow.

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Safest child protection system

Safety first. All Hotspot Titanium taps are safe to use. Choose between our patented IntelliProtect® or spring-back-safety.

A 20-Year warranty on our non-corroding, robust and reliable titanium water tank

Hotspot Titanium products are manufactured with great care, which is why we guarantee free repair of all material or structural defects within its warranty period. We offer a 5-year warranty when you register your Hotspot Titanium within 3 months of purchase and a 20-years leakage warranty on corrosion of the titanium tank.

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