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What is the difference?

A 4 litre heater is suitable for an average household. The 8 litre heater provides twice as much boiling water. The titanium boiler with 8 litre capacity delivers a maximum of 27 litres of boiling water per hour, which is comparable to 140 cups of tea. Ideal for large families or company canteens.By adding the Mixing valve accessory, the heater can also supply hot water. Does it take longer than 10 seconds for hot water to come out of your tap? Then it is worth considering a Mixing valve to save money on water and heating time.

Hotspot Titanium - Vito Matt Black 3-in-1

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Product information

Just wave “Hi” - Touch Free Sensor to activate the
system and two-step verification for boiling.
+ Smooth Flow Technology - VITO delivers filtered
boiling water without spluttering.
+ B-SAFE+ system - The unique safety system you can
adapt to every stage of life.
+ Functionality meets feeling - LED Touch Panel® from
where you can pre-set the child-safety function, Boiling
water Volume and Hybrid hands-free Cold-Hot feature.
+ Quality down to the last detail - The solid Stainless Steel frame brings a feeling of new age to your kitchen with the modern style of our Vito.

Meet Vito:
Kitchen tasks are much easier and more hygienic when you have a VITO filtered boiling water
tap with touch free infrared sensor function. For boiling water we build a two-step verification system, so it’s safe for everyone. You can turn the tap on, off by making just one slight hand movement without ever having to touch the mixer cylinder! It’s as simple as waving hi. But what happens if your hands move near the sink? We placed the sensors along its side so that they wouldn’t be activated every time our fingers went past the tap while washing dishes or doing other kitchen work. This benefits the usability and looks good too.


More information about the Vito?

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Article number 4l heater: B107024
Article number 8l heater: B107028
Article number 8l heater + mixing valve: B107028MV
Dimension heater 4L (w x h x d): 210 x 325 x 285 mm
Dimension heater 8L (w x h x d): 210 x 525 x 285
Dimension tap (mm): 436.8 x 167.7 x 210
Warranty: 5 years (after registration)
Waterfilter: One water filter set included



The best tap company we've came across, in our honest opinion they're leading the race in boiling water taps. With a titanium boiling water tank offering a 20 year warranty on all tanks. Plus 5 years parts & labour, how can you go wrong...

Joey Murphy

Great tap. Love it! Especially the led ring. Blinks very nicely in my kitchen!


How is the Hotspot Titanium installed?
Will it fit in my Kitchen?
How much energy does the Hotspot Titanium use? What are the costs?
How long does the warranty last?
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